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Approach Autism History

31st May 2011
Autism Got United
6 Parents of children with Autism got united in Jaipur on 31st May 2011 and decided to form a society which works for intellectual disability mainly autism. Two of the members were trained in Autism from Action For Autism, Delhi. That inspired the group to create social atmosphere favorable to person with disability and continues working towards WHAT AFTER US.
15th May 2011

Like minded parents started getting attached to group and a society was formed on Sep 15th, 2011. The work started for Awareness, Education and Advocacy.

Act in 2015
Within one year society got registered for 80G under income tax act. After several location changes, society got registered in Person With Disability Act in 2015.
September 2018
Society got registration in National Trust in Sep 2018.
7th July 2018
Day Care
Day Care
Day care started at Chitrakoot near stadium, Jaipur. It has Music, Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Therapy and dance movement.
1st May 2019
Approach Gram
A cocoon of love and care
Day Care shifted to new location three story building. It has provision of having 6 residents at 1st floor. Day care & different traits at ground floor. Basement being used for OT, sports etc.
1st March 2020
Covid-19 Lockdown
Lockdown gave new challenges
Lockdown gave new challenge of running the operation to skeleton module, while developing online class skills. The prestigious project Autism Education Outreach Program was designed to benefit parents stuck at home and special educators need of enhancing their knowledge. The program is mix of affiliate marketing and online education.
March 2022
Training Program
Independent Living Training Program
A group home, Independent Living Training Program (Residential) started at Rangoli Gardens. This is pilot project for Residential Project.
September 2023
93rd RPM hosted
93rd RPM hosted by Approach Autism Society
Approach Autism Society has hosted two days 93rd RPM (Regional Parent Meet) for the central Zone i.e. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states of India. Approximately 200 parents belonging from 36 foundations and societies have participated in this meet with the motive of sanitizing themselves about the IDDs (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities). It held at the Fiori Hotel, Chitrakoot, Jaipur on 30th September 2023 and 1st October 2023. It was organised by the PARIVAAR NCPO in collaboration with the NIEPID (National Institute for the Empowerment of PwIDDs) and hosted by the Approach Autism Society of Jaipur, which is a renowned name in the respective field.
March 2024
Digital Employment was conceptualised
Digital Employment was conceptualised to support sales of vocational items through all over India via E- Commerce Platform.