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We Strive to Support Autism Globally

With a focus on supporting individuals with autism and their families, our society extends its reach to encompass all who are in need, regardless of geographical boundaries.

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Building Bridges: Connecting Autism Community

Bridging gaps and fostering connections within the autism community, creating a network of support and understanding for individuals and families.

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Regional Parent Meet - Central Zone

Connecting families, sharing resources, and fostering a supportive community for parents navigating autism in the heart of our region.

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MIME Presentation by Students of Approach Autism

Witness the creativity and expression of our students as they showcase their talents through an engaging MIME performance, demonstrating the power of communication beyond words.

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Path to Progress: Empowering Autism Journey

Guiding individuals on the autism spectrum along a path of progress, empowerment, and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

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Honorarium to Trainees

Recognizing dedication and investment in learning, we provide financial support to trainees as a token of appreciation for their commitment to professional development and advancement.

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Voice of Understanding: Autism Advocacy

Amplifying the voices of those with autism, advocating for their rights, and promoting a society built on empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

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A Self-help Group of Parents of Persons With Special Needs

Welcome to Approach Autism

The formation of the APPROACH AUTISM SOCIETY and it’s subsequent registration in the year 2011 under the Society Act , is the result and initiative of a set of concerned parents of Neuro Divergent children and their quest for finding a solution for the question, “What After Us?”.

Since it’s inception we have strived to enrich and facilitate the lives of the special ones to help them lead meaningful lives. From a very nascent stage we have been constantly reinventing ourselves to bring the best for our loved ones. From imparting basic life skill training to employability readiness, we are ensuring we do not leave any stone unturned. We have been supported in our journey by honourable members of the society, their friends and family. I humbly request you to join us in our quest and help us to provide opportunities for the specially abled people to ensure a respectful and independent life for them.

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What Parents Say About us

Heartfelt testimonials from parents who have experienced the transformative support of Approach Autism. Through their stories, you’ll hear about the initial fears and challenges they faced, and how those have been replaced with relief and joy as their children grow and thrive. Join us in celebrating these incredible journeys, as parents give voice to their experiences, sharing the relief, pride, and joy they feel each day.

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