Employment & Life Skill Training (Day Training Program)

Digital Employment for Persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Employment & Life Skill Training (Day Training Program)

It is a day program for readiness for independent living for persons with special needs.

The process of settling behaviour and replacing them with the activity that supports them become independent. Commenced in 2011 and every month we are evolving.

Employment & Life Skill Training Center (ELSTC) now has assisted employment unit for different production work to generate employments for PwIDDs (Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)

  • Digital Employment for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities:

           • Unlock E-Commerce Skills: Designed for Individuals

           • Accessible Learning:

           • 🧠 Tailored for diverse learning needs.

           • 🌐 Understand e-commerce in a supportive environment.


  • Diary Making - The students at the center do counting of sheets, folding them with help of adoptive jig, paste border and pack them.

  • Making of Table Mat - A 3 Size paper is coloured with hel of foam, design is inserted and then laminated. A household use table mat is ready for use.

  • File & Folder Making - An eco friendly file with pocket to hold confrence pad and confrence notes. Coloured with eateble colours. Use of biodegradable items.

  • Sous Chef - daily use vegetables -washed, pealed, cut, weighed and packed for local sale.

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We look for diversity, not just with where you come from, but also what you do. Our volunteer cohort has included consultants, teachers, students, lawyers, doctors, accountants, and even pilots.

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